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Your business is judged by how you communicate, and nothing can create an unprofessional image faster than poorly written or stale English. I help you refine your message so it hits the target audience and sounds natural to native speakers.

All written content

No matter how small or large. I regularly help clients with tricky emails, press releases, job advertisements, to large documents such as ingame dialogue, user manuals and website content.

Specialized in game development

I have worked with game development for over 15 years in both external and internal communication, including copy-editing game content, dialogue and manuals, websites and blogs, interviews, magazine articles, job advertisements as well as community manager.


I’ve worked with Paul for more than five years now and use his services regularly. When I need assistance no job is too big or small and he’s available to help me no matter the time/day. I’m pleased to recommend him to anyone looking for a professional copy editing/proofreading service with results delivered quickly and efficiently.
Paul is a proven professional with a great feel for language and deep gaming industry insight. He can precisely identify what the client needs, where their weak point is and help them to do things right. It has been my honor to cooperate with him for many years.
I have worked with Paul on several projects during my tenure in Bohemia Interactive as an associate producer in charge of localization. Over the years, we have had quite a few projects with considerable amounts of text which needed to be proofread and even though I sometimes put Paul in an uncomfortable position when I wanted things done unreasonably fast, he was always a professional and delivered on time and with the quality that I expected of him. Anybody seeking services in proofreading and editing would do well to hire Paul and I can only give my full recommendation.
I am a freelance game designer and producer, who is not a native English speaker, and I regularly use the services of other people to proofread texts that I want to publish. Since I met Paul at Bohemia Interactive I often use his proofreading service, whether it’s for official statements, press releases or a script of video games I’m working on. I highly recommend his service.
I approached Paul at the end of my university studies when I was completing my Master’s thesis, which was written in English. Me being a non-native speaker, I needed an experienced English language proofreader to polish the thesis and perform an overall quality check. Despite the fact that Paul was travelling at the time when I contacted him for help, he went beyond my expectations. Not only did I receive a perfectly proofread thesis, he also included very useful and constructive notes related to the academic perspective. Needless to say the work was also delivered in a timely fashion too. Overall, I can only recommend Paul as he is a professional who will go the extra mile to deliver a good quality service.
Jana Hainova
Master Thesis
I’ve worked with Paul for more than 10 years and I highly recommend his services to anybody who is looking for a perfectly reliable and skilled copy editing service. He’s perfect in any form of editing from business communications to entertainment texts and most importantly, he’s always willing and ready to help if anything unexpected arises.

Client List

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented individuals and companies, including: