Services include but are not limited to:


  • Press releases
  • Interviews and magazine articles
  • Websites and blogs


  • Job advertisements
  • Contracts, memos
  • Internal documents
  • Consumer support


  • Manuals, instructions, game manuals
  • Ingame dialogues and texts
  • Menus, pamphlets and list of services
  • Presentations and pitches


  • Academic theses and articles
  • Grant applications

As a copy editor I transform your draft into a text ready for publication, following the conventions of the medium you’re publishing to.

Copy editing focuses on addressing problems with spelling, grammar or language convention, looks for inconsistencies and repetition in the text, and makes sure the final copy is accurate, easy to read, and with a clear language that is aimed at the target audience. In business communication this translates into a message that is professional, clear, and enhances the quality of your content.

Professional copy editing is especially important for non-native English speakers and those that are not natural writers, as their texts often include awkward or oddly phrased expressions that distract from and lower the value of the message they’re trying to convey. Contact me at to find more about how I can help you and your business.